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Big bass amazon - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Big bass amazon

Chicken dinner

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Still no decent bonus on big bass, I thought these games were highly volatile, so you don't often win but when you do, also I've noticed something which I think is dodgy, I got an extra 2 free spins but once you get to the next level you lose those free spins, fortunately took me ages to get to x2, for example if you 16 free spins and got the 4 fishermen in like 5 spins, you instantly start the next level but with 10 spins, this is the first time I've had decent fish but shame he never went fishing 

Screenshot_20230914-210254_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210304_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210310_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210315_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210323_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210330_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210348_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210354_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210404_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210423_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210435_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210444_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210449_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210455_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210503_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210533_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210542_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210548_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210625_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230914-210632_Samsung Internet.jpg

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That rainbow riches game is terrible, l put in £680 in one sitting, had 7 bonuses, highest one , paid £18 , shocking, worse bonus game I’ve ever played. 
and I’ve played some terrible games. Never again 

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