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Very VERY luck escape today! - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Very VERY luck escape today!


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How many of you have had a really lucky escape? Today was up there with one of my biggest, if not biggest, escapes.

I went into Merkur with an hour to spare. It took me about 20 minutes to rinse through £650. I was playing RR pots of gold on one terminal and just shoving the odd £20 into another and playing action bank on premium spins. 

I held my RR machine to get some more cash out. I got back and within about £20 won a gambled jackpot (£75-£500). I played down to £500 and switched to the other terminal to carry on with action bank.

I put it £1250 in that terminal (not including the money before going getting extra cash) Stupid I know. I got 1 biggish win (about £300) from all of that. I then finally got a jackpot from a  £88 win which I gambled when I was down to about £100.

I stayed on the same terminal but switched to RR and got 2 Gambled jackpots with about £100 of play. 

I carried on for a bit but walked out of mekur with £1200. (£350 down but could have been so much worse) 

I went and did what I needed to do then went to a different arcade only intending on playing a few quid! I won a gold pot on RR pure gold form about £150 of play. Then switched terminals and played RR megaways for a bit, had a small win then switched to star turns premium play. I won £300 from not a lots of play and decided to call it quits. 

Unbelievably I ended up by about £200! It could have been a lot lot worse! 

have you been as stupid or as lucky????




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I put about £250 into rainbow riches, went home feeling crap, for some reason it was on my mind next day probably the night before as well, went back in the afternoon and played rainbow riches on the same terminal and within £5 possibly less, I got the pot bonus for £260 so got a refund.

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