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Taking the p*ss - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Taking the p*ss

Chicken dinner

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Deposited £60, played a megaways game went down to £3 then back up to £50, logged out, went back onto megaways lost £25, played big bass didn't win anything, had a couple of teases, and got the bonus on the very last spin, thought he wasn't going to turn up, £90 profit.

Screenshot_20230814-143048_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143057_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143119_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143129_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143134_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143138_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143143_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143148_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143151_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143158_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143205_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143221_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143226_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143235_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143256_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143302_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143315_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143320_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143325_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143330_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143334_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143337_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143423_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143428_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143433_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143448_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143451_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143509_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143514_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143520_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230814-143529_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Another £2 bonus, although it didn't do anything until the last spin where I caught a £5 fish and didn't do anything again until I got £2 fish on last spin, my bonuses are always c**p.

Screenshot_20230817-163422_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230817-163459_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230817-163521_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230817-163556_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20230817-163602_Samsung Internet.jpg

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