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Betfred Book of Ra slot wtaf? - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Betfred Book of Ra slot wtaf?

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Played this yesterday. New on the machines in Betfred. Got the jackpot. Nice. But...Kings was the expanding symbol. £2 spin. Got £108 off 8 spins. Game retriggered and on spin 12 got a full screen of Kings which paid £392 instead of£500 because obviously the max is £500. Seems wrong that a) I didn't get all my spins and b) it gives a jackpot on just Kings. So all the premium symbols would pay much more than£500 but you'll never get the value.

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The trade off with FOBT and arcade versions is they bonus more often and give out more wins. Darren always seemed to do well on Thai Flower FOBT bonus, but the online one probably doesn't pay so well. With online slots like Book Of Dead , DHV, Lil Devil  you don't want a premium symbol because it is very unlikely to give you 4 and 5 of a kind, it's just a theoretical win that gets you chasing... like the DOA2 end bonus.

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Yeah totally agree with your theory on Lil Devil especially the task of getting the hearts initially. The First time I played Thai flower online was great but not so lately. Yeah I would say full screen on any large symbol are rare during free spins.

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