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The Flying Dutchman's horseracing system. - Page 2 - Horse Racing - Stop and Step

The Flying Dutchman's horseracing system.


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I love a system. I developed one a couple of years back that in 6 months netted me in excess of £3k, but, like all systems something changed somewhere and it lost its edge which all systems do in the end sadly.

This is why I scratch my head at folk who pay for systems off the internet… 

If I had a system that was fool proof and forever returning profits I sure as hell wouldn’t be telling anyone.

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I will share a system I developed by taking bits of a few others… it won’t have a big edge if at all nowadays but might point out a few winners , most at not fancy but not prohibitive prices either.. It’s also for National Hunt…

All you need is a paper and access to the RP app


1. The horse must’ve finished 2nd last time out

2 The horse must’ve run in the last 50 days

3. The horse must be the highest rated in the private handicap of your paper (e.g. the sun rated 99 with the black dot)

4. The horse must  have the highest or joint highest  RPR from the Racing post (you’ll get this from the race cards in the App)

5. The horse must be in the top 3 in the betting.

6. Any odds on favs do not qualify.

7. Only use Monday-Friday and not on days where there is high quality racing.

At first pass in your standard paper there will likely be several horses thrown up but rules 4-6 will whittle this down and it’s rare for you to be left with more than 4   after all rules have been applied.

Why does this system have a chance?

1. Horses finishing 2nd are not penalised as much as those who won last time out and that includes races such as novice hurdles but especially handicaps and the recent run shows a good level of recent form.

2. Horses with lengthy absences often need a sharpener on their return.

3. Tge use of the private handicap and RPR is verifying the horse is seen to have a good chance based on the opinions of two “experts”

4. Around 80% of all races in the UK are won by the first three quotes horses in the market.

5. Odds on shots will not return enough to cover other loses and end up adding to loses, besides 1/4 odds on shots get beat so you’re asking to get burned… you could bet at say 10/11 region but avoid 1/2 etc. like plague!

This system won’t make you rich but if you’re patient with singles it may make a few quid over time or you can play Patents, trixies and such like. I know there have been days it will return 3/3 and a £5 trixie has netted in excess of £200/£300.

Enjoy, it’s just for fun.

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I’ve had a look in todays paper and the initial qualifiers would be as follows….

1:55 Bangor - Porlock Bay (discounted as a 4/7 on chance)

3:40 Bangor - John Betjemann (discounted as not top RPR)

4:15 Bangor - Duke of Rockingham

1:10 Kempton- Sarceaux (discounted as not top RPR)

2:55 Kempton - Across the Line (discounted as not top RPR)

3:30 Kempton- Judex Lefou 


so from 6 qualifiers in the paper (Sun) we’re left with….

4:15 Bangor - Duke of Rockingham @ 13/8

3:30 Kempton - Judex Lefou @ 2/1 

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