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£3.75 million win

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2 hours ago, Stepandstop said:

I couldn’t agree more ghost22 what pisses me off is how they can still claim more in benefits a year than I earn doing 40 hours a week 

thats the system we live under , when tony blair was pm and his wife was a high end lawyer , they were getting the same benefits that the man is getting for his family , its just the way it is .

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4 hours ago, Barney Gumble said:

I am not seething, he was fated to win that money. It is just he irony that many regular players will never get near that amount. There was a similar story of a lad who won Jackpot Giant on his mobile with his first 30 quid deposit, might of been with PP.  

i know of this guy , this is fact , he took paddy to the cleaners 🙂


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