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Sunday Nights Live Stream

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Hey everyone, this Sunday at 9pm (1st December) I'll be doing a live stream from Casimba. It will be a live Bonus Hunt so I need lots of slot suggestions. The suggestions will be placed on a spinning

The new Eye Of Horus megaways might be an idea if it’s on there. If not, the regular Eye Of Horus is due a payout. 🙂

leaders of the free spins world ! i know you played it before, and it didn't go well, but hopefully get some better luck this time around !  if not that how about some classic blueprints: worms

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I can't believe some people in the chat, and out of it. Hardly interested in the stream, all they were interested in is what was the giveaway, how much are they worth and who won. People actually asking how much were the hampers worth. Beggars belief how much front some people have got. 

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You say that but to be fair if anything, that's what big Dazza will want and that's the whole point of the giveaway.. if people spread news of his giveaways more people will watch, more revenue for him. Couldnt work out more in his favour

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I get what you're staying, some people are only interested in the freebies, not the videos or channel. I guess it builds the channel and the viewer ship, which is only a good thing

I can only report that I didnt win, as I couldn't watch live nor do I have a twitch handle.

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