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I'm done guys

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16 hours ago, Cheese said:

Its hard mate, i have been there myself, i excluded online in the summer,i always used to play in showboat or cashino as its now called, was banned for life, but they reduced it to 12 months, i found out as i wandered in a few months ago and started playing again, i only ever played the poker slots, but i have been losing a lot, today i put in 150 with no return, excluded myself but the maximum is 12 months, i feel so angry at myself, 150 gone in 30 minutes, why, what are we chasing, it makes no sense, be strong bus


I know that feeling mate my loss a couple weeks ago tipped me over the edge to quit.i don't think it was necessarily the money (£125) it was on the session itself was £85 down and I managed to hit a feature that brought me exactly back to starting balance but even saying to myself "collect collect" I couldn't leave the terminal or accept any cash out with a loss.i knew after that I would never be able to play fobts again without self desteucting 

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