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Biden now sitting at 1.2 trump at 5+ (where is was the reverse in the middle of the night)

Real rollercoaster hen it became clear than Florida went with trump, but the outstanding states are at 1.1 biden with the exception of Pennsylvania which he does not need to win which is 1.7 biden.

There is something like £500m on this market on beftair exchange - staggering amount. I'm assuming it's US money as they are not allowed to bet on political events.




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No the path I [or anyone?] expected but he's got there in the end. Ultimately we knew Trump could only win it by going to court. He is a proper weird incestious offender. And more importantly he is a one term President

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trump is broke. He's doing this 'steal' thing to milk his base for donations, supposedly to challenge the results but he's pocketing the money. Using it to pay off debts.

Honestly he's broke. He needs a huge amount of money to defend all the litigation coming is way in January. All day he has tweeted for his base to move to a new TV station and also away from twitter. You can bet your ass he's in for a cut if he can increase numbers on those new media. Appalling that people are dying and all he thinks about is himself and earing money.

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