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My working Saturday - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

My working Saturday


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Once every 3 weeks I have to work a Saturday and today was that day. There’s absolutely naff all to do so I take the opportunity to have a longer lunch and pop to the bookies.

Had £20 on me and put my £2 football acca on (can’t believe Swansea let me down at 5/6) and thought I’d give the FOBT a go. Started playing 20p Fishing Frenzy and managed to hit the feature. It was at that point someone sat on the terminal next me and watched over my shoulder as it spun in dead spin after dead spin and I won 20p. 

‘It’s having a fucking laugh innit?’ He helpfully added.

Undeterred and about a tenner down, I decided to play the other game that used to be good, the ever unreliable Eye Of Horus, as was the guy next to me. We both hit the feature at about the same time, him on £2 stake and me on 20p. It was looking predictably dire until about the 8th or 9th spin and I got 2 wilds and a lot of the dog wins. My feature totalled about £28, whereas his finished about 30 seconds before mine and he walked away with £8. You can guess my response to him.

Anyway, I played Game of Shows and had no luck so printed off my ticket for £20. So I managed to piss someone off and walk out the bookies with exactly the same money I walked in with. All in all, quite a productive lunch really.

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2 minutes ago, Ferg said:

Mate Swansea wtf let my 35/1 fivefold down!!

I couldn’t believe it either - top of the league at home to bottom of the league, I thought 5/6 was an absolute steal! 

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