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Will there be less videos in the bookies with the new £2 stake limit and more online play videos?

I'll probably mixed it up a bit more over the coming weeks. I'll give the new £2 ones a play for a little bit and see how it goes. Are you not liking the £2 slots in the bookies?

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I’m not a fan to be honest I always did fortune spins. Only slot I play on £2 is worms reloaded that’s my fav even that I preferred fortune spins, it was abit diffrent than all the other fortune games with the crates, would love a vid just on worms like, all vids you played it you haven’t seemed to have any luck. That’s my my luckiest slot. Love watching the bonus hint vids on the online slots though. 

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Hi guys I’ve been playing FOBTs since they first started and I used to do £1000 spins before 2005 gambling act capped them at £100 due to pressure from the casinos as everyone was playing roulette in the bookies and not going to the casinos. Considering the FOBTs were initially placed in the bookies on a trial basis (they were in bookies along with ordinary fruit machines in the beginning) they have been the golden goose for the last 15 yrs, and after playing them for the last week since they were capped at £2 stakes, I can say the bookies are now very worried.

Ive been speaking to some insiders at corals and hills who told me in the last 7 days takings are down nationally over 40%. Individual shops have also noticed a significant decrease in takings and amount of people playing them. The big roulette hitters can no longer play £50+ spins which is why the industry are trying to switch people onto the slots but it doesn’t appear to be working as the pre-gambles which they admit have been placed onto the games to get round the new regulations in an attempt to replicate the old fortune spins, are not popular with the customers, as Darren has showed in some of his videos it can take over £50+ just to get a ‘fortune spin’ with no guarantee of even getting a win?

The insiders have said there are no planned shop closures yet as they are going to monitor the situation for at least 6 months to see if things change once the players get used to the new £2 stakes. If overall turnover and profit falls below their initial expectations they will cull shops particularly in the bigger cities where there are several ‘duplicate’ shops from the same bookie in the same street or very close by as they were only opened due to the 4 machine limit per shop. As we all know there is no evening racing and the shops were only kept open til 10pm due to the machines, so due to the reduced takings many shops will now start to close earlier. 

Some of you may have seen the gambling commission quickly closed down a new fixed odds betting game that several of the bookies introduced when the cap started. It was a cycling game with 36 numbers and too similar to roulette with high stakes available over the counter and not via the FOBTs, so the commission warned them not to try and get round the regulations by doing such things. They are also apparently looking at the ‘sliding bar’ pre-gamble on the roulette in Hills, bet Fred and paddy power as this roulette still allows you to place the maximum £13.75 on a single number but the green zone is so small the chances of you landing on that and then spinning the correct single number is ridiculous. So problem gamblers could still chase a single number and spending £2 every 3-4 seconds on the sliding bar gamble, soon adds up. 

It’s now very hard to win on the £2 roulette due to the way they have had to change the game to the new regulations. You are spending £10-£15+ on the sliding bar gamble just to get a spin of the wheel and hopefully get a number you’ve covered with a decent amount of chips, and even then you might not even win your money back? 

Personally I’ve found the best roulette from all the bookies to play with a decent chance of making a profit is the 5p 100:1 roulette in hills, paddy, and bet Fred. I make the sliding gamble about 75:25 red to green which allows me a decent spread of chips on the board and being 100:1 a 10p number gives me a tenner back. I’ve played this every day since the cap and it’s taken me an hour to get about a £50 profit based on a £2-£3 profit per spin, which is tiny compared to what I was getting on £100 stakes, but I suppose any profit is better than a loss. 

Overall, I hate the new roulette games. They’ve halved the spin time so the ball sometimes just about goes round once before landing and the excitement of getting a big number come in has definitely gone. The roulette in corals you don’t even have to wait for the wheel to spin and the ball to land, just hit the start button and the ball instantly lands on the number! For problem gamblers I think the cap is a good idea as I’ve spoken to a few in my local shops and they’ve almost given up playing and one guy who almost repeatedly blew his weekly wages in half an hour every Friday is very happy as he now doesn’t play anymore. But for us players who liked a big flutter now and again with the chance of winning a nice few quid on high stakes, the cap has totally taken away our fun and we will either have to play online which I don’t enjoy, or play for real in a real casino. 

Love the videos of the slots Darren so keep up the good work! 





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I’m an electrician and company I used to work for had contract for led changes in all Betfred’s and when this new stake come out they cancelled contract as they didn’t wanna spend money on shops and I know they have cloesed quiet a few. The bookies will get round it they’ll open the shops as gaming shops abit like these arcade shops and get rid of sports betting keep them online. Bookies ain’t daft they’ll get around it. Mistake me if I’m wrong but I think paddy power And Ladbrokes have opened these kind of shops in London and Birmingham. 

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