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omg the 1st Oct £3000 bonus hunt video was depressing

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I love seeing a big win but awful watching that, feels like life is being sucked away just watching that, let alone playing... It just goes to show you how mean these high volatility bonuses can be. A great advert for not gambling!

The way your video's pan out seems to give a fair reflection on what going on and more realistic than a lot of streamers; kudos for that. I've come to the conclusion some must only put up winning streams and presumably bin the bad losses ones. Even The Bandit seemed to get hurt a few weeks ago and hasn't been back for a while.

After my recent altercation with the resident disabled nutter in Coral's and a couple of horrible experiences with Napoleon in Betfreds, I've not been a bookies for a month and not missing it at all. Sitting at a fobt with a mask on is just sad.

Anyway I'm sure you will keep going so best of luck and fingers crossed the next video will include a big win.

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It was just one of those days, we’ve all had them albeit not on those stakes in my case!

I actually appreciated the upload. It’s a bit of an eye opener but I’d suggest most people found it very relatable and a true representation of how this slots often play. 

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I don't care what anybody says, with the rise in popularity of slot streamers, slots returns and bonuses have diminished considerably. I had a bonus on FF the other day on £2 stake, paid £2, 1X?? I had 2 more bonuses on same stake and the biggest win was £9. That's 3 £2 Bonuses returned less than £20. I've also found that games bonus consistently better "more frequent" and pay much better X with £3 £4 £6 and £8 stake, anything under or over just takes the piss. Problem is you can only up the stakes when you have a rare big win on a lower stake. Also, I've had a lot of success on DOA II bonus at £1. 80 stake on the least volatile of the 3 bonus options, it regularly gets up to over 30X win lines and 5 extra spins. 

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Fishy Frenzy (fobt version) is horribly frustrating most of the time. The Monopoly version is far better.

I also think DOA II pays much better on the the least volatile bonus. I have yet to see a decent win on the high volatility bonus that the streamers always go for. I assume rare as rocking horse shit but massive when the wilds all line up.

Back to £3000 bonus hunt, typical that bonuses paid much better reduced from £4 to £1. Rick and Morty is a fun slot with pretty fair bonuses.


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