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Safecracker Megaways - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Safecracker Megaways


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Going to hit the Grosvenor Casino site tonight and have a couple of hundred on Safecracker Megaways.

Feel its my night tonight so confident in placing this post in the big wins section of the site in anticipation of the joy to come... will let you know how it all pans out

Have a good weekend everyone... and may all your flutters be fruitfull     

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Well I got off to a great start... The Grosvenor site kicked me off everytime I logged-on. after about 8 attempts I gave up so no action Friday night... or to be more positive    no loss Friday night.

Tried again Saturday about 6pm same happened... went to contact customer services and they came back with a message that they were experiencing problems with the site so nothing was going to happen Saturday either, until.... The wife suggested trying somewhere else which I thought "why not" so I quickly joined Dream Vegas deposited £600 and I was all ready to go.

Started off with the old Eye of Horus at 50P to see if it would give me a decent game on lower stakes... It didn't... after £100 and no bonus... about 2 teases and a few little wins I gave up.

Then played Safecracker again took ages to bonus on £1 spins but seemed to always be putting some good base wins in when I did get the bonus it paid about £60.

Then had a punt on Hight Voltage... Never played this before and it was brilliant.. Bonused 4 times in the 15 minutes I played it came off it up on the session by about £150.

Spurred on by being ahead for he first time in ages I pressed on with the Goonies... £200 in not a single bonus or feature... the swinging guy never swung by and the key flashed about 5 times then unflashed.... nothing would drop in... I was back in a loss so I moved back to Horus but at £1 a spin thinking the boy in a dress will come good in the end ( As I always do)... He didn't  another £100+ gone.

I had been playing for about 5hrs at this point and bed was calling me so I put my toys away.    

Sunday morning arrived and the wife was going off to Buck Palace for a snoop around and Fortums & Masons for some shopping so I needed to amuse myself for the day... I still had about £450 of my stake left so first call was the "Goonies" at £1 as it may have sorted itself out overnight I thought... £100 later and still no bonus, no feature and no swinger I gave up... That is now on my banned list till next time.

Back to Safecracker... nothing.;.. not even close to a bonus another £100 gone...

Never mind I thought... "Final Countdown" at £1... another I have never played and got the bonus within £20... It paid peanuts ended up losing £50 leaving me with just £200 in my kitty.

Urgent action required I thought so it was time for "Action Bank" at £2 a spin... Well that didn't work and  within 90 minutes of starting my Sunday slots session I was wiped out (now I feel the Bandits pain)

So not the greatest weekend but on a brighter note the wife had a good time.      

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