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A good start to the week


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I just got my weekly tenner from PP with a message that the RTP on Horus is up at 96.3%   so I thought why not, Set it to 50 spins at 20p and got the bonus with 2 retriggers. Then upped the ante to £5 a spin with the winnings. 😁😁😁😁



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3 minutes ago, Seaton-slots said:

Mentholdan... You really need to change your name... may I suggest Midas! 

I played Eye of Horus online on Saturday night did about £400 before I hit a bonus... it paid £8.50

As I said,  it started with my weekly £10 bonus from PP, along with the message that the RTP for that game was 96.3% so I just auto spun the tenner at 20p for fun. In total I cashed out £800 from that game yesterday. Everyone hits a purple patch now and then, it's the law of averages. 😁😁

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