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The cost of "LIVING" - General Discussion - Stop and Step

The cost of "LIVING"


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Went out at 9am, paid my monthly broadband bill £43 another bill for £40 put £20 diesel in the car, had a coffee and cake with my niece in the high street £10. Two lucky 15s in Betfred £30 Took the car to the garage for two new tyres and wheel alignment £151 stopped at Sainsbury on the way home bought a couple of towels and a few groceries £40. Got home and locked the f*****g door behind me in case anybody else came on the "earhole" wow,! Just over £300 for an average day. If I didn't have a win I'd be in shit Street in a week. 

The lucky 15s turned out fruitless. I swear being a gambler is harder than digging ditches. 😁😁😁

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46 minutes ago, StopandStep said:

You put Lucky 15's as a living cost 😂 Fuel in this country is a massive rip-off, luckily Extinction Rebellion will have us riding horses instead.

Aha, that's why I spelt living in capital letters, it's not the cost of living, more the cost of being alive, that particular day cost me around £300 for mostly essential bills, only 10% was on gambling 😁😁 Ironically, the only thing Extinction Rebellion do is block the traffic which causes more pollution. 😭

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