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St leger meeting - General Sports Betting Talk - Stop and Step

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Don't ask me day 3 and all I managed was two 2nd and 2rd places.

Absolutely rubbish.Stradivarius race a joke with the betting.they take Dee ex bee out the race but half price of the whole field.I get the rule 4 thing but cutting the odds in half is riduculous

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55 minutes ago, Stepandstop said:

Mentholden I know bugger all about horses only bet on the grand national are your 4 choices good tips ?

I’m sick of losing my football bets every Saturday 😢

My selections aren't tips, they're just my fancies. All I can say is none of my choices are forlorn hopes, they are all more than capable of winning the races they are in, even "Sir Ron" in the St Leger. I've done my bit, now it's up to them. 😁😁😁

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I went out this morning with £80 cash on me. I put on two £15 lucky 15s and as usual put the £10 change in the FOBT to play Horus. Got the bonus up for £1 and it paid £7 in total. Got it a gain for the same stake and it paid £90 then once more and it paid £267 "I filmed that one and tried to upload it here but got a message saying the file was too big" 

Anyway after that I went and bought a new drill for £150, put a few lines on the lottery and bought a few bottles of vaping liquid. I got home and emptied my pockets and counted out £320 on the table. 

I looked at the cash, thought of my 2 big wins this week, looked at my two lucky 15 slips and thought, "this just might be my week". Ah well, there's always tomorrow 😁😁😁

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6 hours ago, Mentholdan said:

These are today's hopefuls, with very little confidence after yesterday. 


One winner on one ticket, 13-2 @ triple odds. 2 winners on the other ticket 12-1 & 16-1 for a total return of £271.50.

Total profit. £241.50. 😁😁😁

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