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Just hit wild power spins on the £2 thing on centurion earlier and got £133 after about 5 spins. Duno what to make of them really, could either be cheap in or cost a fortune.

All the funs gone out of roulette imo so I'll stick to the slots.

Yet to try the global draws but I think RR and Thai Flower might be decent.

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I’ve noticed that in Admiral arcades the premium play games have been rather generous (will it last) I hit some good wins with multipliers on RR POG (lucky wheel) last week, I also hit pots on both terminals 1 silver and 1 bronze. Around £40 in on each terminal so some good profit. 

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I have won the most from Admial over last month

today put in £90 got £10 free from staff

a few cups of nice coffee 

Walked out with £300

Used my last £50 voucher at coral 

ended up putting in £250 just to win £100

noticed same machine coral took almost £300 just for the bonus 

When I checked RTP 91%

same machine at Admial 94%




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Bored this afternoon, just to get out and kill some time I took myself and £40 to Ladbrokes for a bit of slot play, happy to report, just returned home with £320 in my pocket.

won between RR PofG, RR DofG (got £230 on £2 super spin, got 8x free spins in the 5 spins and it re-triggered for 12 more on the very first spin 😳) and a little Reel King too.

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