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I've been hammering  him on his live stream ha ha,  asked him loads of  times  if he's  playing  with  worthless money,  all you get out of him is "CLEAN, CLEAN" as he points  at his  balance,  the guy  is an absolute  sausage 😬

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Interesting comment on the thread on Casino World. Basically long story short. Rosh plays on N1 who are based in Malta and not authorised by the UK Gambling Commission so inaccessible to UK consumers.

Some suspect that they money is fake and Rosh is basically a paid employee of a tiny fraction deal (and uses false subscriber stats to appear more popular assume this benefits by appearing more prominently to genuine viewers to catch on) . Essentially not gambling with his own money and on a tiny percentage of cashouts/profits and falsifying popularity.

Anyway, there is a new streamer using N1 that has come from absolutely nowhere and has 20k+ followers on Twitch. They bet 50p on other sites and £40 on N1.

Odd stake discrepancy! It's like doing 5p lucky 15s in Hills and £10 lucky 15s in Ladbrokes.


Who does that? Nobody. Pretty damning evidence that the casino is in cahoots to deceive people


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