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Stop Putting Spoilers in the Title!


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Whilst it’s Darren’s choice I just don’t get the spoilers in the upload title!

I would have found today’s upload far more enjoyable and still been as pleased for Darren had he not put the “my biggest win ever” in the title.

Thats the enjoyment of the upload is the wee bit of suspense in not knowing if the streamer wins or looses!

As I said at the start 100% Darren’s choice and I’m sure he has good reasons but I just find it strange and that it takes the edge of the upload.

All that said, congratulations on the win 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉😎

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Unfortunately, for everyone like you and me, there are hundreds, potentially thousands, who are the opposite. They will be more inclined to "click on a video" if they know it contains a big win and Darren is surely trying to maximise his viewing numbers. 

Don't forget YouTube is world wide and I'm pretty sure Americans will be more interested in on line big wins than a £500 jackpot in a bookies. Let's face it, they cant watch a sporting match unless the teams score more than 25 points each. Imagine an American, coming to the UK and you take them to a grass roots non league footy game that ends 0-0??? 😁😁😁

I'm with you though, it kinda spoilt the surprise.

To digress a little, most of the really big jackpots I've seen won on YouTube have been with moderate stakes, no need to bet huge. 

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I’ve thought the same for a while now, spoilers such as ‘5 bonus symbols’ or ‘jackpots and pots’ kinda ruin it for me. I now have a system though, I’m slightly short sighted so I hold my phone as far away from my face as I can, recognise the videos from the blurred colours and shapes, and then tap it.

Problem is that it usually starts with a 30 second advert that I want to skip after 5 seconds.... and you know what’s on the ‘skip’ button... a thumbnail of the video!

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