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Having A Word With Myself


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My problem is I can go into the bookies and only put £5 or £10 on my football bets but when it comes to slots its a dif story its like there is no limit to how much I can play . And by that I mean even if I am in profit I will still carry on playing the same game.

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4 hours ago, Pete Tranter's Sister said:

That's actually a 93% return, so you're in profit by about 1-3%.  Hmm, maybe that's not the right viewpoint. 

Just kidding, having been gambling since pre-decimalisation I sympathise and empathise with your honesty and information, as I'm sure every contributor to this forum does, I have been in some pretty dark places over the course of the last 40-50 years.  I have certainly cut down since the FOBT changes, those £20 fortune spins on Spartacus and Mighty Black Knight would have finished me off by now.  One day at a time, with the odd slip up.......



Thing is, had it not been for the stake cap, I would have been smashing the roulette and i reckon a whole lot further behind.

I know most slots are now random and I’ve had decent back to back wins and the reason for that was alluded to by Darren today, even after a jackpot I’ll play for 2 more shot just to see if it’s still “paying”.

Likewise though I still have the old school mentality that if it pays jackpot and the next shots a dud I think it’s paid out and will be on the take now🤔.... So much do I’ll generally even switch machine🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Not so with roulette though, I’d always think it could my numbers again, again, again and again and a hefty price could be paid.

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