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50k Special Suggestions..

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How about swarm guess.. play wild swarm until its on max. Get people to guess when the swarm will burst and the winner or winners get a share of the amount you win.. make sure its on good stakes 😉


Or a bonus buy of your amount choice. The amount won has to be guessed on live stream. The winnings then for the person who guessed closest will all go onto roulette and the winner picks the numbers and wins the amount.

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Live stream from an arcade. Or pay for slot lady to come to the uk to do a collaboration. Imagine, poor slot lady at a grimy Hills playing centurion on £2 stake!

Maybe a give away but instead of money do a bonus buy and the winners get whatever the bonus buy makes.

Hey, thanks everyone for your suggestions, there were so many brilliant ones! The two people below will each receive a £100 Amazon voucher. They are:  @Tonybillz and @Jack Johnson (I've emailed y

Why not play the slots which we all have to thank why casinos exist.. pub fruit slots.


Deal or no deal have 3

Top cat


Cops and robbers

Snakes and ladders

Donkey kong..

When you get jackpot put aside until all are played and jackpots won then use the profit on flame busters. 


You can name the stream.. 50k special retro edition 


Keep up the good work mate

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Hi Darren, why not buy a bonus buy then play your normal stakes on the same game until you get the bonus, to see which gives you the most profit. Either the bonus buy or playing for the bonus? As you know the more you bet the greater the chance of losing it. Stay within your means. Great vids by the way. Good to see the highs and lows of gambling. 👍😁 Miss your finger hitting the fobt roulette numbers. 👆Times are changing, for the better? Only time will tell. 

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How about an online around the world in 80 slots? So start on a 'UK' slot and then go all the way around like Medusa for Greece, Temple of Treasure for South America, Donuts for North America etc. Big shout from New Zealand - love your vids mate!

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This is a difficult one as I and probably most of the people responding know nothing about how Darrens business works. But the fan base has one common interest Gambling and we all know to our cost it sometimes goes wrong and can leave people devastated.


So how about compiling a video of bad gambles bad losses and getting evicted from places for filming and back it up with a commitment to send x pence for every view to Gamcare or some other addict charity also include a link to enable your 50k subscribers to donate directly.

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Hi mate, choose 10 games, play each game as follows. 10 spins @ £2. 10 spins @ £3 and 10 spins @ £5.

£100 stake per game, 10 games totals £1000.

Any bonuses play at the end. 

At the finish total wagered, total won or lost on actual game, total won on bonuses, if any. 

Which game paid best. 

And the final balance from the initial £1000 wagered. 

You feasibly could show a profit without a single bonus. 

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