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20p play, £80 win!

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As many people suggested, I started to build the Swarm up on 20p stake on Wild Swarm ready for Friday's Bonus Hunt. It then span in a x400 win! Hopefully it will do it on Friday on a higher stake.


wild swarm.JPG

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7 minutes ago, Stepandstop said:

Congrats Darren 

just be careful though when you finish level 5 it can just take 1 bee to open the swarm it can also take up to 200 

it trolls a lot of people 😢

Thanks, I'm going to stop 2 bees before level 5.

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Yes I was quite surprised to see such a low bet, but as I never play more than 40p it was in my league.  Last evening I started with £20 extra win that I did not bank and played for 3 hours to a max of £45. Then it all went pear shape and I was down to just £1.20. Oh well just 3 more spins left and I will call it a night. But the next one was a whopper (well for me it was) £88. (4 x 7=200 x .02 x 22).  Now if the lower left 7 was a bubble then 5 x 7 = £220.  I am waiting to get 5 bubble wilds coz at my 40p play equals £8800.


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