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Horseracing selections


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A few weeks ago a guy comes knocking on my door and mentioned a mutual friend had recommended me to him for work. He said he would supply me with a new van for me to do light maintenance work around the west end of London. A couple of hours a day at the most for a very very good wage. I thought it over and accepted the offer. First day I picked up the van, drove to Park Lane to put 3 small coat hooks on the back of a front door for some Arab guy. An hour to get there, 12 to 15 minutes to do the job, an hour or so to drive home, easy money, great. Since that first day he asked me to help some younger lads finish an urgent job in Streatham. 9 HOURS A DAY, the young lads, "late 20s early 30s" keep having time off and do relatively fuck all when they do turn up. I'm 62 BTW. The boss took my van one day because his Mercedes was having new tyres fitted, he said the young lad I was with would drop me home. The guy just fucked off and never told me, I had to get a train home, dressed in my overalls. The money is excellent but I can't see me putting up with it much longer. Hard work is water off a ducks back to me, but when a job is overdue and nobody seems to care but me, we'll its just not worth the agg. 

What's this got to do with the horseracing??  Well I've had no time at all to do the racing qualifiers, I even worked yesterday and today. I'll at least try to do them for Fri. Sat. and Sundays in the future. I'm up at 5am most mornings so time is hard to find. 😭😭

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