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Big win for me.

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Hi, I am a regular player but never intentionally play higher than 50p. I play a slot called Double Bubble most days and totter between 20p and 40p plays. The reason behind these bet changes is often you can get a run of minor wins and then I up to 40p. The highest regular wins I've had amount to £44, but last evening I had a big surprise. I deposited £10 and played on Double Bubble 6 x 40p, then 4 x 20p, then 1 x 40p amounting to £3.60, but got little wins totaling £3.36, so down 24p. Decided next play at 40p and got £89.50. So if Stop and Step was playing say £5 he would have got £1100.  

db combo.png

Double Bubble.JPG

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Maybe some are not familiar with this slot. So the lower bubble line is a winning line multiplier of 22.  So in my case I had 4 sevens which is valued at 200, then times the coin size of 2p, giving £4. Then the multiplier to £88. £1.50 came from the 3 oranges. 

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