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Having a bit of a rammy with this mob again. Playing Heart of the jungle yesterday and get free spins., 

takes the 8 free spins x 5 multiplier as the other options are still locked. However with one spin to go the game

freezes at £72.40 balance. Tried reloading and it says the usual , unfished game press ok, it spins the 7 th spin and sticks at same bit.

Sent screenshots and they said sorry you have no stuck games on your account. I then emailed them again this morning and the response

at 14:21pm was sorry we cant read the date or time on the screenshots, please resend. they also add at this stage the only action is to close the game 

and all progress will be lost, but you will be able to play after this. I though aye right.

I then resend at 14:49pm to which a reply from them at 14:32pm says thanks for the screenshots we will add this to your case.

Sorry guys if I am waffling I just need to take my anger out on the keyboard


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