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Advice Please: Best Casino Site to Play Montezuma


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Hello, I am both a Newbie to the Forum and Online Slots in general.

Very recently I signed up with two online slot sites Casumo and Mecca Bingo with the intention of playing Montezuma on both sites, nevertheless,  3 weeks later I have had to close my Casumo account after having never won enough money to have made even a single withdrawal and that, after spending £500 on the site.

Mecca Bingo on the otherhand is a much fairer online site. Whilst I have not won large amounts, I have broken even with wins and losses nearly every week, (until recently). Now I would like to explore addtional online slot sites and rather than randomly choosing one from a list, I would like to ask other forum users for their best recomendation of sites that play Montezuma and offer fairplay.

Many thanks

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I guess if it’s the same slot different on Line Casino they must work same way as normal casino

For Example Daren goes to Empire

His RTP was 90%

i player same slot in Grosvenor and RTP was 94%

so over time I will win more than him

I am assuming this is the same for on Line casino 

so I would compare between the sites and pick the one that gives the best RTP

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