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Casinos in London - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Casinos in London


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After S & S last video I took a day off and visited 4 casinos in London

Grovenor 1st I noticed same machines as bookies but max prize 10k and RTP 94% even on 50p play

put £100 in Rainbow Riches won £699 then  went down stairs and played blackjack won on the side bet of the Big3 with 2.5k

Onto empire put down £500 on blackjack won 1.5k then tried the slots the % even on same slots was not as good but 91% across the board put £100 in Himalayas took out £399

The progressive slots only had a 90% RTP


next door Horizon Casino RTP was 92% on most slots put £100 on the slot with the elephant slots can’t remember the name but got a couple of €38 wins then hit the free spins bonus won £402 did not play the blackjack as all the tables now have machines shuffling nothing from the shoe

last stop Hipperdrome had a free £30 voucher for slots so added £70 took out £230 I must say never heard of most of the slots 

Last stop was the blackjack table which was bad mistake lost 1.5k

but overall up on the day and definitely most casinos offer much better odds than the bookies and no cap on the free spins 

only thing to avoid is the progressive slots as the same Rainbow Richess without Progressive was offering 94% with only 90%





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This is the first time I have been to the casinos in London for about 5 months 

and was well worth it 

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