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  1. Yes been resolved my end. Had my money which i withdrew on 20th of April today. There was a problem with there system and they needed bank statments to prove we hadn't received. After we sent bank statement. Took 5 days to get money. Normal withdrawal time is 48 hours though
  2. Same here, money in! thank you @StopandStep for your help with this matter.
  3. Had an email Saturday thanking me for our bank statement. They said it would take up to 5 days for them to come to a conclusion. Hopefully should know something more soon. @StopandStep anything further your end? Would never have used Casimba if it wasn't for you videos.
  4. the reply email when i sent mine said i would have a response in 24 hours. Only an hour or so left of that and nothing yet.
  5. @StopandStep thank you for this. They have now requested bank statement to prove i haven't been paid. So am sending that to them now. Hopefully this gets it sorted. Will keep you updated
  6. Thanks i know Casumo has people on some of the other forums. Maybe @StopandStep can speak to his affiliate manager?
  7. @StopandStep any thing you can do to help us out with this? Is there anyone from Casimba/Dream vegas on here?
  8. Hi All, I joined Casimba about 4 weeks ago. Had a good start. Had three winning sessions with withdrawals that took 24 ours after being approved to be back in my account. A week a go Sunday 19th of April i played again. I did two withdrawals one of £380.00 and other of £378.96. Both approved on Monday the 20th of April. I am still yet to receive any money to my account from these withdrawals. Is anyone else struggling with Casimba at the moment? I only decided to join as stop and step plays with them. Thanks,
  9. Had pots 4 times in the last week although nothing bigger than a £200 win for silver pots. I find 4 leprechauns more rare. Ive had 5 once online but on £0.20p paid £200.00 straight off.
  10. No it wasn't. I had been playing the premium version with nothing happening for £200.00. Switched to £1 spins for my last £40.00 got it 12 spins in to that and went all the way to the top. Completely shocked, but a lovely win.
  11. Maybe a few months back Stop and Step asked if anyone has hit the top recently on Rainbow riches - Road to riches bonus. To my amazement had my first ever £500 Jackpot on the Road to Riches bonus today in a corals. Shows it still can do it.
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