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  1. Is book of Irish the one that’s in the bookies also has pie gamble? If so I was up 180 last Friday on that then blew it back also another 200 was wasted been out drinking and get greedy gambling when like that haha but that’s a great win hope you cashed out
  2. any one had any winners at donny?? cant even buy a winner on favs f**king brutal for me lol
  3. £9 a spin is a huge stake on that game imo what was your huge win yesterday mate? New on here sorry I probably could find the win if you posted it yesterday but not at all technology savvy and forum life is a not my forte 🙈
  4. Nice of mr S.A Step to do a giveaway it’s not needed and it’s a really good gesture mate well done mate👏 Was surely the winner up to the fat rabbit last upgrade 🙈 £50 out in end roughly but just wanted to say even though you don’t need to give anything away thanks for it! Also if you could get a bonus on Irish riches megaways online It would be first bonus on it I’d seen lol
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