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  1. Right ok. So you have had an investment in the website. Well good on you. I know these deals can be lucrative.
  2. I got 5 scatter bonus and its gave me nothing but the £100 trigger. Curse of the 5 scatter bonus
  3. Hello all, I am a long time viewer and first time forum poster. I was suprised to read today that Darren has sold his YouTube channel. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Including Darren? Apologies if this is common knowledge. If this is true i am very suprised. I am aware YouTube is and can be very lucrative but why would someone sell the channel? , maybe someone could shed some light on this as im intrigued. thanks
  4. Just joined up. Been watching for years and as im a member on similar forums i thought id join. Interested to see what you'll be doing for your next subscriber special.
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