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  1. So to clarify, 10p slots with a jackpot of £5 is a category D machine and so there is no age limit on the play and so legally people under 18 can play them. With this said however, if an arcade should so choose they don't have to allow people to play them especially if they feel the person is vulnerable to gambling. You can read about the age restrictions on gambling here. https://www.onlinebetting.org.uk/betting-guides/gambling-age-restrictions-in-the-uk.html
  2. A recent survey has come out which states 2/5 of 11-16 year old gamble. And is likely to be more if including microtransactions on games. I personally don't have much of an opinion on this relatively on the fence as they are all things that parents can control. But some proposed ideas are removing 10p slots from arcade areas to up to 18 year olds and restricting heavily microtransactions on games. What are your guys views on these?
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