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  1. Tried this new one out over on Coral site. Not a bad touch on £2 stake I reckon. got the free spins safe bonus and delt at 22 spins (had 10 in my safe) got the key bonus 3rd from last spin after 5 teases and that went for just over 100. anyone else like this one? I don’t usually play it but it just caught my eye being in the new section.
  2. Thanks a lot bud! Just received it! Merry Christmas! cheers
  3. Mine was in an arcade in Liverpool. Star Wars got the gold pot after exchanging. For some reason getting a big pot always seems extra lucky.
  4. Fantastic, thanks buddy! Gets December off to a good start. Just emailed you.
  5. Everyone entered has roughly a one in 70 chance of winning which is way better odds than the lotto! good luck all
  6. How about you pick 2 fans for a meet up and play a typical session together in your usual spots. Orrrrr do a typical session online and give any profits to a charity you like.
  7. I’m gonna guess Liverpool my home town! #6times
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