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  1. You're a lot more optimistic than I would be with the 'alive' column! 😂
  2. You're totally right, thanks for taking the initiative. Hope we can make a place where people can be honest about their situation without being judged. It's fair to be skeptical about gambling companies too - where does a VIP end and a problem gambler begin for them?
  3. Stop and Step Forum Rules – last updated 28/03/19 The Stop and Step Forum is an open community. You're encouraged to post your thoughts and opinions, and there are just a few rules to remember so that everyone can feel safe and welcome here. These rules are: No Abuse Discriminatory or harassing language will not be accepted. This rule extends to use of the PM system. Be civil and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. No spamming One account per user, no account sharing. Help fight spam by reporting the posts. No advertising This could be either on the forum or through unsolicited PMs. Please also follow these guidelines: Privacy is important – please do not post your private details in public, and absolutely do not post those of others. Please do not post any content which is adult or pornographic in nature, vulgar, deliberately offensive or inflammatory, or legally dubious. Please be mindful of copyrighted material and do not attempt to pass off any content created by other people as your own. The forum is moderated reactively. Post content, links and attachments are not automatically checked. Users are responsible for the content of their posts. Please use common sense and take the utmost care when clicking external links. If you come across something suspicious, you can report posts to bring it to the attention of moderators.
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