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  1. The price of gold was weak on the Thursday. Therefore the setback did not come as a surprise. Although on Friday MTL finished with a small rise with a lot of buying towards the end of close. On top of that the price of gold is almost at a year high again. If gold opens up well on Tuesday, then I can see a decent rise in MTL.
  2. Hi John. It means I am now 5 grand per point. As pp is a spread betting term. As I use leverage to buy my shares via IG Index.
  3. Today is a huge day for MTL, because POG has now broken 19K. I am now 5.5K pp.
  4. Interesting point from Hannams'note. They think MTL will accumulate $200M+ net cash once debt is cleared in 2023. Now that excludes any potential life of mine increase. Therefore the figure could become a lot more if that happens or if gold breaks all time highs. Essentially they've said MTL will either re-invest or return all the cash to shareholders.So if i buy 0.1% of the company for £45k, I could be looking at a £200K payout. That's why this is so much more than how the share price moves in the short to medium term... Today I bought back the 1/4 I had sold.
  5. Fusion Antibodies (FAB) that is tightly held, is what I be buying right now if I had the funds. They are developing an antibody for Covid is their main project. I already hold 2K in them. If you on ADVFN look them up, and do your research. I am just positive because a similar company was taken over for 1.2 billion dollars, and FAB is only valued at £25.9m.
  6. Well done. I topped up at 2p today. I am at 4K per point. Just wish I did not keep so many shares that take time. I made that mistake with KOD when they had a great RNS, and I thought I should be selling others to get more. Then KOD more than doubled from 0.13p to 0.35p. I was lucky there to of sold 2/3 at 0.34p, and I bought them back at 0.26p. We have been very lucky with the gold price today. The whole survival of MTL is based on the gold price staying over 1750 for them to become debt free within 18 months. What is impressive is how much money they make compared to their market capital. The bigger buys looked interesting today, and tomorrow is expected to be further upside.
  7. I do not think covid is going away for many years. I have recently invested in a few covid stocks. However the test kit ones I have avoided, and I was right since they done nothing but fall. I notice that bitcoin is getting hammered now musk has pulled out. I think the gold price will benefit when bitcoin crashes big time. Also inflation is helping the gold price at the moment. Brent crude is doing well for me to, because I am in a few oil shares that benefit from it rising.
  8. Hi Stop and Step. I am the one who alerted you about this share 4 days ago on your channel. I am making this thread to help us all understand what we have invested in. In my opinion we are starting to respond to the gold price rise, looking strong for an upward move, back to some reality of the company value. 2.5p or £50m market cap is a minimum. Fair value should be 3p with a 1p rise with every passing quarter, heading for 15p when debt free during 2023. At the moment MTL is half way through its debt repayments. Today has been a great day for MTL investors after a 3.4m buy hit the market paying 1.74p when the price was 1.57p to buy with the price improver. Please remember to always do your own research.
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