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  1. I wondered if it was just me that would have to consider making a purchase, be it for clothes or whatever, can i afford £70 for them trainers, no, an hour later i would piss £70 away in a machine in 10 minutes and ask myself why tf did i just do that, makes no sense
  2. you think they do it for enjoyment, thats hilarious
  3. They know it encourages people to gamble thats why they do it, personally i would not have the conscience to do it, adding gamstop to ur stream is just a load of bollox, think of the amount they must be making, bandit can get through 50k in one deposit, give away 6k each month, wtf, i hit gamstop and i get the urge to play thankfully i cant, but this shit does not help addicted gamblers, it needs to stop
  4. Well you know they are purely out for what they can get, try to be clever about it pretending they are such great friends with their followers, utter nonsense they purely want you to use their links and line their pockets, take chipmonk for instance, 1st words out of his mouth give me likes, here are my links, oh if u have a problem use gamstop, purely an afterthought, never heard darren push this kind of bullshit is why i like watching his stuff
  5. I will ask you to play bonanza for a bonus, and you will take no notice 😂😂😂
  6. Its hard mate, i have been there myself, i excluded online in the summer,i always used to play in showboat or cashino as its now called, was banned for life, but they reduced it to 12 months, i found out as i wandered in a few months ago and started playing again, i only ever played the poker slots, but i have been losing a lot, today i put in 150 with no return, excluded myself but the maximum is 12 months, i feel so angry at myself, 150 gone in 30 minutes, why, what are we chasing, it makes no sense, be strong bus
  7. I think you should do more in the future, good to watch, top guy, only genuine one i like to watch, nice little profit
  8. Ive always played the poker machines in cashino etc, you ever try them?
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