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  1. Nice 60p bonus, please do a video on this slot, has a red teleporter like the goonies red key and has insane potential on the meseeks bonus and also the evolution bonus
  2. Tyler8

    Best ever win

    Thank you mate, I took 4K in the end😂
  3. Tyler8

    Best ever win

    Yeah I wish I could prove it😂 and I took 4K out, had to have a go at some £100 spins🤣🤣
  4. Tyler8

    Best ever win

    That was my second £50 spin, before that I was only on £1-£2😂
  5. Tyler8

    Best ever win

    Just watched ur latest video and decided to put £10 on diamond deluxe, got it up to £400 and did some stupid spins then this happened..
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