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  1. I'm actually a woman because you called me pal an yes I have learnt a very hard lesson I've got a five year ban on gamstop for online gambling but I've got to stay away from the rest of it after lock down casinos arcades an bookies that's my next hurdle, these are more controlled for me though I never take my bank card out with me only cash this way I can't chase my losses.
  2. I had gambled for over 10 years highs an lows,I said to my best friend I'm going to get a big win soon an when I do I'm going to gamstop an said this will happen an it did, I won 5,000 pound an what did I do gambled the whole bloody lot back this happened just after Christmas, I still feel gutted disgusted with myself I've never told anyone about this they would think I'm barking mad,I admit my gambling addiction was completely out of control, I'm in debt for it gambling every last penny that I had,not buying essentials to get my fix, I've had loads of decent wins but always put it back but t
  3. Wow lovely win an I thought mine was good I got 785 pound win on 40p stake on primal an 1000 on 1 pound stake, I joined gamstop so just watch the videos now,but I have always loved to see people win, don't give it back save it for after lockdown an enjoy yourself.
  4. That's ok Darren these things happen thanks for letting as know see you tomorrow!!!
  5. Is it on at 8 or 9 it's usually 8.
  6. Darren can you play primal please,good luck I hope you get a nice big win for the NHS, good on you a nice gesture.
  7. I had a big win on primal 40p stake I won 785 pound couldn't believe it,I also won 1,700 on danger 80p stake, but I joined gamstop a couple of months ago as my gambling was out of control an affecting my life in a bad way,I miss it terribly I'm not going to lie been gambling for over ten years,it was a love hate relationship I had so much fun with it but in the end with so many losses it was ruining in my life I was so unhappy, joining gamstop was a big step for me an I hope I can be happier soon.
  8. Lovely win don't put it back treat yourself,or save it for after lockdown.
  9. Brilliant news can you play primal or return of Kong megaways please Darren.
  10. Don't gamble online it's far more dangerous than playing in the bookies an arcades, withdraw cash don't take your bank card,I think when you have cash an your putting it in machines realization kicks in, it's a click of a button online is to easy to accessible,I also think arcades are better than bookies, I'm wondering if you have done online gambling before due to the fact you have asked your bank not to allow it,I have played online for years an have now joined gamstop, gambling is a downhill spiral that causes nothing but heartache an misery, I've now got to learn to live without it after
  11. I decided to join gamstop after hitting rock bottom after ten years of gambling,went on gamcare only to find out the national lottery doesn't belong to gamstop, aching for my fix I started playing five pound scratch cards talk about a rip off,I decided to close my account an then in desperation called up the lottery an they reopened it for me,I have now closed it again whilst letting them know that I belong to gamstop, what's everyone's opinion on this after all this is the National Lottery an the only UK gambling site that doesn't belong to gamstop I think it's disgusting an these scratch car
  12. Can you play slots that begin with the word gold or have the word gold or golden in the title for a bonus hunt.
  13. I totally agree with you that's why I joined gamstop,in the past use to get over hundred on 20p stake on eye of the Horus, Jackpot on 20p,25p stake,I use to have fun with the slots but not anymore like they say when the fun stops stop, online has got worse,I watch quite a few streamers an don't think the wins they get are as good as they use to be,an over the last couple of months I have lost so much money it has been affecting my life I decided enough is enough,the good old days have gone an I think things are only going to get worse.
  14. I really enjoyed this video I think it's a good concept, alot of people doing there videos choose the same games or people ask for the same regular games so this way you get to see ones you haven't seen played before, which maybe you or as your audience wouldn't have chose,an as they say variety is the spice of life.
  15. I wouldn't waste your money on these machines,I know someone who's a whetherspoons manager he told me they pay 50 pound to rent each machine for a week one of the machines had 1800 pound in it when it was emptied the profit on 6 machines for the week was nearly 9,000 pound, don't worry about pots alot of them pay out at say 69 pound 75 pound reset an start against pots of 100 pound can stay up for months,1000 pound in one of these an your be lucky to get 100 out best to go to arcades these Machines are for when your having a few drinks an put 10 to 20 pound in an hope you get lucky.
  16. Well I'm a woman an I can totally relate to how you feel,I have joined gamstop now it's only been 10 days I'm not going to say I'm finding it easy cause I'm not, I've been gambling for ten years I've already lapsed went on to gamcare forum an someone mentioned national lottery doesn't belong to GamStop desperate for a fix went on an lost 50 pound in 10 minutes,I can't believe they don't belong to gamstop,the thing is If i hadn't gone on the gamcare forum I wouldn't have found out,but it's my thought I know, I'm going to shut my account, slots are the only thing that gave me the buzz a love h
  17. I asked you to play inspector gadget but realized you have already done a video of it.
  18. Can you play inspector gadget an try to get all the bonuses,such a fun slot,I think some of the games are so boring an it's so much better when the game is fun to play an entertaining to watch.
  19. I love the bandit his got a gob like a sewer but his so full of character I've heard his a really nice person,his got money to gamble insanely with good luck to him,that win was mad on lil 😈.
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