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  1. I love the bandit his got a gob like a sewer but his so full of character I've heard his a really nice person,his got money to gamble insanely with good luck to him,that win was mad on lil 😈.
  2. Well update on pig wizard megaways played 1 pound stake an finally i got a bonus 14.40 ,well I have now got this game out my system I've put alot of money on it 1, 2,4,an 6 pound spins an won't be playing it anymore shocking to be honest,I don't know if I've just been unlucky but needless to say I'm not going back to it to find out.
  3. Well I posted About my win on primal an I hadn't gone back to it until this week only did 40p stake spent just under a fiver an it came in big I was in shock still can't believe it 778 pound win on 40p stake never ever had a big win like that on a 40p stake been playing slots for 11 years,also wanted to update about no win on pig wizard megaways well another 400 pound on it an still no bonus or big win of any kind, I've never had a slot that won't bonus before infuriating lol.
  4. Yes I know if I go back on it it will drain my bank account its not happening,one game that's driving me crazy is pig wizard megaways haven't even managed to get a bonus yet I just go back to it now an then it's got to bonus for me at some point,to be honest with you I have never known a slot not to bonus.
  5. Cheekydme


    I played Ted on 40p stake gambled the Ted spins an got the big money spins I won 150 pound.
  6. Played primal on Williamhill playing 1 pound stake bonus came in after putting 30 pound in got 59 pound thought I'd do another 5 spins an the bonus came in again an it went mad still can't believe it 920.00 pound win on a 1 pound stake this game can go mad.
  7. Well I have been wondering for a while when eye of the horus megaways would be released,just came across it by accident looking for something else, release date is the 28th November with rtp of 95.02 volatility medium to high,I use to love this game had some good wins an fun with it but it's not the same anymore,I know I will have to try this just to see what it's like I notice the rtp is a bit lower than most megaways , interesting.
  8. Happy Birthday,play super star turns or eye of the Horus 50p stakes though.🎂🎁🎉🎈
  9. I play a game called once upon a ryhme on William played 2 pound stake got the wheel bonus got Humpty Dumpty bonus an won 1,232 pound
  10. Just wondering has anyone played this game,I played it the other day seems very hard to bonus an very small wins on the base game, lots of noise but nothing really happening if you know what I mean,got to be the most frustrating game I've been ever played, trouble is when you've been robbed blind the temptation is there to go back an hopefully get a big win,I did that this week lost 600 pound on Horus went back 1 pound steak got bonus an retrigger got 140 pound changed it to 2 pound git bonus an retrigger again an won 450 pound,when I lost 600 pound I was playing 2; pound of 4 pound an 5 pound stakes,I was so lucky to get that money back then to only loose it all on Merlin I can tell you there's nothing magical about this game, I've not seen anyone play no it.
  11. Yes I got a 1000 x on a pound stake but that was years ago.
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