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  1. I play a game called once upon a ryhme on William played 2 pound stake got the wheel bonus got Humpty Dumpty bonus an won 1,232 pound
  2. Just wondering has anyone played this game,I played it the other day seems very hard to bonus an very small wins on the base game, lots of noise but nothing really happening if you know what I mean,got to be the most frustrating game I've been ever played, trouble is when you've been robbed blind the temptation is there to go back an hopefully get a big win,I did that this week lost 600 pound on Horus went back 1 pound steak got bonus an retrigger got 140 pound changed it to 2 pound git bonus an retrigger again an won 450 pound,when I lost 600 pound I was playing 2; pound of 4 pound an 5 pound stakes,I was so lucky to get that money back then to only loose it all on Merlin I can tell you there's nothing magical about this game, I've not seen anyone play no it.
  3. Yes I got a 1000 x on a pound stake but that was years ago.
  4. I've never been to a bingo Hall but about 8 years ago I played bingo on betfred had deposited 80 pound over 2 weeks of play anyway it was just before Christmas I won 1,280 pound the biggest win I ever had was so shocked,nice Christmas present lol,but this year been playing deal or no deal bingo the worst ever rob's u blind.
  5. I'm not saying I'm right but I think this resets them stops them paying out wouldn't surprise me they have obviously been told to do this an what other reason could there be.
  6. Thank you for that but I'm a lady lol.😀
  7. Unfortunately I haven't got anyone,but I'm really trying to stop I believe that if I want to quit that badly I will hopefully manage to stop I will never ever gamble again when that day comes it's ruined my life, thank you for being so understanding.
  8. I have a gambling addiction an have had to start putting measures in place, it had got completely out of control so what I do now is pay all my bills an then withdraw all my money out my bank an I know when I go out what ever I take with me I have to be prepared to loose,an at the moment it's working,I was fed up with being broke an haven't nothing I have accumulated debts by getting Loans out to gamble, the loans won't be paid off until January next year this has happened chasing losses.Please I don't want any abusive comments I know I've been a idiot, gambling has gripped me like nothing else I smoked for 20 years an managed to quit 15 years ago an would never smoke again but this is the hardest habbit to quit for me anyway. I just wanted to share this on the forum even typing this on my phone has kind of made me feel better as strange as that may sound.
  9. A few years ago I put 20 pound online played slots low stakes didn't win had 87p left in my account had the weekend off work so decided to spring clean the flat I though let me randomly pick out a couple of horses went on vaal clicked on a couple of over100/1 s did a double for got all about it a silly punt finished my spring cleaning chilling in the evening put my computer on thought there was a error on there kept clicking on the mouse an it didn't go away I checked my settled bets an both my horses had come first place the odds had also gone up had 542 pound for my 87p bet it will probably never happen to me again in a life time,I think when I didn't study form was when I got all the luck one day I did 3 patents an they all won 9 horses,once I put a fiver on a 100/1 an i won 500 pound, now I hardly get a winner lol.
  10. Cops an robbers,an the Robin hood one which is very similar.
  11. Just wondering what people think of eye of the Horus online only to me it's been shocking all the wins I get on it are small, has anyone had big wins on it?
  12. I'm glad to hear that you have over come your addiction it's nice to read a happy ending.you are right about what you said about escapisim my addiction started when one day my world was blown apart,I'm still struggling 9 years later I hope to get where you are one day an when I do I will never ever gamble again.
  13. Oh I wanted to try that game but you've put me off now lol, anyway I never win in Ladbrokes that shop has always robbed me blind an that was before the 2 pound cap an the bookies changing the rtps on the machines,I've only been in the bookies twice since the change I tend to go to casinos an sometimes online got to say do better in the casinos than online I use to get a big payout now an then online but been terrible for a while now.
  14. Cheekydme

    Buffalo Rising

    Lol,if only it was that easy we would all be rich.😀
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