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  1. I'm going to stay at Park MGM. I looked at them and LOVE the look of Bellagio from the outside but I think its a bit too smart for me! Aria looks lovely too. I did think about Paris but it looks a bit dark and gloomy in there. I've read that Excalibur is a great casino to play at, but not stay at so I think I'll wander down there at some point. Park MGM appeals because its reasonably priced and looks like its at fairly good location. Is that a good choice, do you think? Also - I plan to go in August if we are allowed. I'm optimistic about USA letting fully vaccinated tourists in b
  2. I'm off to Vegas this summer (hopefully) and have a couple of questions for those of you who have been. 1. I see that all the websites / you tubers say not to use ATMs to get money because of the fees. How do you take money to platy with? Do you take it all in cash? 2. If you do win big or have a hand pay - how do you avoid / claim back the tax? 3. Do all the slots only have one game on them , unlike UK slots? Thanks everyone.
  3. There is someone who is impersonating Darren on you tube. They have the same name and logo. For example, if you look at the video posted last Friday 5th March 2021 called " Bonus Hunt with 10 BONUSES: Sausage Party, Wish Maker, Rick & Morty & More!" - I commented about the £1 stake idea. I've two replies from "stop and step" - one asking me to link with them on WhatsApp, the other encouraging me to invest in digital currency's. Clearly its not Darren but just so others beware.
  4. Go to Casino Guru and register a complaint. They are great and very helpful.
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