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  1. Interesting insight. The only one I am familiar with is Rank Group. With its share price down over 50% these last 12 months, and a very poor acquisition in Stride Gaming for which they paid 115.3M GBP I am unsure if I would call it recession proof. Furthermore, additional regulation around online gambling will make it difficult for them in the future in the UK regulated market. Although it might currently be 'cheap' I would not necessarily consider it recession proof! My recent buy this week has been Plus 500. They are a CFD broker, and with Europeans looking for a Robinhood alternative to capitalize on the $GME and $AMC frenzy I anticipate they will do very well in the future. They are also trading very cheap at around 2 x EBITDA multiple. Worth looking into! https://www.lse.co.uk/SharePrice.asp?shareprice=PLUS&share=Plus500
  2. I've also been informed its an issue with https://www.adyen.com/ and numerous companies including Ebay, Leo Vegas amongst others are affected. It has nothing to do with Casimba and/or Dream Vegas. Should be resolved soon.
  3. Nice one @TheKingInTheNorth and @StopandStep. Got the winners on the first 4 of 5 races combined! 2 & 2 right now 😄 @StopandStep Missed the first race by a thread!
  4. Have to agree with you here. They've cancelled events all over Europe that are at much smaller in attendance than Cheltenham to contain the spread of COVID19. I assume the financial loss would be too big of a burden so they're going as planned.
  5. With the ongoing concerns around the Coronavirus, it would not surprise me if they cancel Cheltenham this coming week. What impact would that have on bookmakers that rely heavily on horse racing?
  6. ads

    Bandit Gone

    I think the bandit slots Youtube account didn't get banned, but simply got a policy strike from Youtube, so out of precaution he's delisted his videos for a month. I'm sure he'll put them back up once the strikes are removed from his account.
  7. Coral still allows Bonus Buys in the UK?
  8. Darren uploads Tuesday through Friday so nothing unusual here. It's been the same schedule for the last 14 months or so ...
  9. Who's your favourite Streamer and Why? Do you find it's becoming too repetitive ? What could streamers do to improve their channels/streams ? Would love to know your thoughts!
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