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  1. I’ve had this on this game.. just kept retriggering but apart from that does bugger all! Had about 90 spins for £30.
  2. Stacy

    Jackpot King

    One was ted and the other slots of gold. Both came on sky Vegas
  3. Ended up with 28 spins and had nice little win
  4. Stacy

    Jackpot King

    Never seem to get it then 2 in a matter of hours today... the £100 is the most ever got on it.
  5. To be fair I did invest around £300 to build it up but once it got going didn’t stop!
  6. Finally pays after several rubbish bonuses
  7. I had the base bonus the other day. Won 10 spins and managed to win £390. Goes to show the bonus in this doesn’t mean a thing
  8. Stacy


    Played aswell today on £1 spins.. £150 down with £8 biggest win and finally get a bonus. A grand total of...... £2
  9. Had the same on sky vegas. Couldn’t bonus the thing for love nor money then hit 2 back to back bonuses paying £480 between them last night.
  10. Anybody having any issues with withdrawals from Sky Vegas? Usuaully takes 2 day’s max now up to 5 day’s just wondered if anyone else having slower transactions?
  11. After an awful run had a decent result tonight
  12. I get what you mean but you’ve also got to look at it like that £500 is gone I could afford to lose it, it’s history now. Start again and your up.
  13. Had a really bad run of luck last few weeks losing a good £500 in bookies.. I can afford that and I enjoy my time there nonetheless but can be frustrating. ladbrokes yesterday £60 in and won £66 on a single spin on Home Sweet Home. Played £2 spins on super star turns and got 2 bonuses in a row! Walked out with £360 in the end. Put £40 on sky bet when got home and got bonus on genie megaways paying £190 so cashed that out right away. Back in ladbrokes today £60 in and got bonuses on Home Sweet Home, drops of gold and golden Castle walked away with £220. Another £40 in sky games and go
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