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  1. After an awful run had a decent result tonight
  2. I get what you mean but you’ve also got to look at it like that £500 is gone I could afford to lose it, it’s history now. Start again and your up.
  3. Had a really bad run of luck last few weeks losing a good £500 in bookies.. I can afford that and I enjoy my time there nonetheless but can be frustrating. ladbrokes yesterday £60 in and won £66 on a single spin on Home Sweet Home. Played £2 spins on super star turns and got 2 bonuses in a row! Walked out with £360 in the end. Put £40 on sky bet when got home and got bonus on genie megaways paying £190 so cashed that out right away. Back in ladbrokes today £60 in and got bonuses on Home Sweet Home, drops of gold and golden Castle walked away with £220. Another £40 in sky games and got a bonus fairly quickly on buffalo rising causing out at £180. Really happy being £770 up in 2 days now time to treat myself I think!
  4. Played this in ladbrokes today and got bonus after about £20 on £1 spin. Can be a really good bonus I feel think I got about £96 off of it.
  5. Stacy

    Buffalo Rising

    Was playing for half hour probably about £50 down and mega bonus come in off a £1 go bagging me £954! Biggest bonus I’ve ever got!
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