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  1. Prices gone up??? No way, they are falling like a stone as compensated reel based machines are going to be extict very soon so are selling for peanuts now compared to just 2 or 3 years ago. Everything is moving digital and random. I personally wouldn’t buy this one but each to their own.
  2. I totally agree mate. Megaways versions do not work for a £100/£500 jackpot and to take out the actual bonus from genie version makes game pointless. Return of kong is also now out on £500’s so wouldn’t be surprised if they bring more out for £500’s but doubt any more will be released for £100’s.
  3. Congrats mate welcome to fatherhood. Enjoyed your collab video last week. Im doing a collab too with Darren soon, looking forward to it.
  4. Depends what services you go to mate, everyone is different. Near me theres one with blueprint communities and theres another with barcrest communities, Some have both in too. Im not a community player and mainly play blueprint and prismatic £100 cabs and pub fruits too
  5. The £500’s in services are known to have a lower % compared to agc’s bingo halls bookies etc but i don’t play £500’s mate, I play £100’s which play fine. Some services might have slightly higher % on £500’s depending on which company supply the machines.
  6. Yeah in tier 2 agc’s, arcades, bookies, bingo, casino, pubs and services are all open however in pubs i heard a rumour that machines will be turned off as they have to operate as a restaurant only, that rumour might be false but will find out next week. Im going to services to play anyhow.
  7. Hi Darren, Trip to Casino for 70k Sub special and play £10,000 slots when they re open or if not trip to Mr P’s Bognor for big old school session. You got great views and likes on your last video when you went to Weston. To keep the online fans happy maybe do a live bonus hunt too. Congrats on 70k subs mate, I would love 1k subs let alone 70k! Lol Cheers COB Fruit’s & Slot’s
  8. All compensated machines have signs but you need to know what to look for but if you want to attempt a force on a compensated pub fruit then you need £200 float really to start with.
  9. Hi Darren hope your well mate. Heres my list, pub/arcade themed slots Fishin Frenzy Megaways Ted King Kong Cash Wish Upon a Jackpot Megaways Genie Jackpots Wish Maker Eye of Horus Megaways Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Centurion Megaways Sparticus Megaways Thai Flower Good Luck mate if you pick mine 👍🏻Thanks. COB Fruit’s & Slot’s
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