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  1. i did really well last night on it, got 3 bonus, 2 cleo and a churchill for about £200 profit on £1 spins, would still like to see you do a bit on the online version
  2. any chance of even including this game in one of your online/williamhill videos?
  3. Notrege


    All the blueprint games have potential to give you min features that pay 0, as well as the teases and alot of the bonus's can be very volitile, I've had big wins on Ted and i perosnally like it, King kong cash's 3'rd bonus "empire spins" can pay 0 or pay 500X it all depends on what lands when you spin. The game gives you what it wants to give you and you never have any control over it. What i'd really like to know is if the % is based on a per stake level or on a per game level, Eg, if your betting 20p for £10 where maybe 1000's of other people are betting 20p do you all work from the same prize pool as the people betting £2+ imo .. you just played at the wrong time
  4. Hey Darren, (stop and step man ), really enjoy the videos and i know you like doing this "get every bonus" type video, something a bit different Could you play "Leaders of the Free spins world " online and try and get every single leaders bonus - There are 5 and need unlocking level by level Thanks
  5. signed up just to say, play jungle jackpots, 70% chance on the gamble to get to top feature, it lands pretty often for me
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