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  1. mr x


    plus i dont think blue prints got anything brands left on licence now ie chase as there was 2 games done for the digi cabs rest done for reel based plus i got told by a area manager for admiral they was getting rid of the communitys as there not popular
  2. mr x


    blueprint have lost there way years ago as all they have done is reskin games over and over just look at communitys there all the same half the 500s are as well btw@stopandstep anychance of starburst being in a arcade session soon
  3. the 500 version has made its way on to the 500 auroura cabs is it me has blueprint run out of ideas
  4. a 50 pound win version was actually released it got very little use as when it went out on test it wasnt a balanced game it played all over the place very rarely gave bars more xs for 5r as all it did either under pay or over pay
  5. only in england screw the wales and scotland travel advise scotlands due a visit
  6. no half term closures anywhere planned everything is set in stone for 4 weeks min thats set in law
  7. Buttons got broke so enginners just fitted one he had spare I bet but it's easyier to see what's take offer anyway
  8. Been told today bell fruit has pulled a load of games like cops and robbers 1 etc not replacing them and 500 and 100 vip astras are being turned in to cashino style novamatics
  9. buzz bingo to close 26 clubs
  10. not really its fair play people choose where they play anyway
  11. bookies in the uk shouldnt had the fobts on in the first place scotlands done the right think
  12. 4th of july arcades fecs agcs bingos halls no cashinos
  13. bacta has blocked bookies opening up ireland and if the arcades arnt allowed to opened on 4th of july bactas taking legal action as well
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