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  1. Hi Darren it was my mrs who asked about what pc spec you have tonight on your live stream , just wanted to know as she wants to do live-streams but our laptop can’t handle it so wanted to know what processor cpu hdd ssd etc you got on your pc , you can view it in the settings I think any help would be great as we are clueless on what we need to support it. Thanks mate @StopandStep
  2. Wow nearly averages £1 a spin great win off 20p but the potential would have been massive for something huge to drop , well done 👍👍👍
  3. Found the 💎 to win every prize .... absolutely buzzing
  4. What a bonus only one retriever and had merlin on the trigger, had a 4 symbol merlin hit which payed £100 , teased for the 5th and amazingly it would of been £500 for 5 merlins on 10p so would have been monstrous on £2 stake
  5. It has been terrible for me up until this win, most I’ve won previous is about 20-30 quid so happy with this though !! Cheers mate 👍
  6. Jammin jars and sword of the grail insane on low steak ! Jamming jars on 20p !! Whole session deposited £10 cashed out £750!!!!!!
  7. What a session , deposited £13 withdrew a whopping £200 this is one of the nice wins from the session on dog house 17 free spins
  8. Great I watched the live, loved the idea of the spinning wheel , you should keep having a go every so often on flame busters , it has been insane for me the last couple of weeks ,
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