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  1. You just have to make a google account then sign in on YouTube.
  2. First bet that came in over the past 2 months, these double chance accas are the best thing I’ve found. Recommended everyone to do one every weekend.
  3. Had a tip for the horse in the picture, take it with a pinch of salt of course. Defiantly worth a fiver
  4. It’s a 12 fold, I’ve got one on League 1 and league 2
  5. Hope you’re right, if so it’s gonna be a good Christmas 🤣
  6. No mate Dortmund would’ve let me down they drew with lazio 1-1
  7. Had a decent week hit a decent win on 7s to burn and a decent football bet came in today, cashed out for £110 In the end.
  8. Honestly don’t see the point of these, 3 placed and I still made a loss.
  9. Haven’t done one of these in a while, never had a profit on one 😂
  10. Is picking a favourite in a race really a great tip? See this a lot with football tipsters aswell, they charge money to suggest bets that 90% of the time favourites.
  11. Lost a decent bet again that’s pretty much the same story as last week, needed anyone to score and a lot of easy chances were missed. Really not my lucky week 😂
  12. Haven’t been on here in a while due to the awful bets I’ve been placing but last night one got really close, it was the first time in months I was shouting watching a game of football, if you watched the NED VS Spain game then you’ll understand, Memphis depay missed 3 literal sitters. Anyway we go again.
  13. Hit this the other day on the first spin, unfortunately I was on min bet. Has anyone ever seen a full screen on this game?
  14. This is the only second day that betting shops are closed in Liverpool and I’m already seeing adverts for online gambling, I’ve never seen a sky Vegas ad on a billboard before. Typical leeches. Or am I wrong and are these on bill boards anyway?
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