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  1. Hit this the other day on the first spin, unfortunately I was on min bet. Has anyone ever seen a full screen on this game?
  2. This is the only second day that betting shops are closed in Liverpool and I’m already seeing adverts for online gambling, I’ve never seen a sky Vegas ad on a billboard before. Typical leeches. Or am I wrong and are these on bill boards anyway?
  3. Hello everyone hope youre well.This has nothing to do with gambling just need words of advice. I’m due to have a extraction tomorrow and I’m really nervous About it, anyone in here got any stories to put my mind at rest?
  4. Im sure paddy power offer a card that you can use at ATMs to access the money on the account, seems like you should look in to it.
  5. Thought about that myself, just went with the favourite. Both Forrest and Huddersfield have lost both their first 2 games with the same -4 goal difference
  6. Not many decent matches on today but this treble certainly has a good chance of coming in for the odds. Anyone else won big on footy, I haven’t won a bet since opening day.
  7. please don't worry about that, you're not charging money for your tips. keep them coming
  8. who gives you these tips my friend, jockey fell off the horse 😂
  9. should've backed it last night, currently 9/2 🙄
  10. Would’ve came in if 2 villa players didn’t get booked in the last 5 minutes 😂
  11. anything else you recommend? looking to put a lucky 15 on tomorrow.
  12. Only bet for today, Aston Villa are favourites but anything can happen with corners or cards.
  13. There’s a horse racing today at 1.20 named Pythagoras, I think he can win if he finds the right angle 😊
  14. @StepandstopNot enough games for a decent acca today, I've put £10 on Allan to score and £10 on richarlison to score 2.
  15. Great start to the season, was also a free bet which is always better. Anyone else had a decent start?
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