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  1. All 3 versions £100 - £200 & £250 jackpots on Community Black Knight are 100% compensated. The £250 version in the bookies is a poor percentage compared to a reasonable arcade.
  2. Compensated can be reasonably profitable if you catch the game at the right time.
  3. Haha, he does that on any “big win” but I certainly moonwalked out the arcade with a fat wallet for a change 😬
  4. I must admit I’ve not seen a new community game pay out as good as this did today. Jackpots are common when the game is new however the repeats are few and between from my experience. I have a video of the free spins bonus but as you say it’s not worth uploading. I also played Ding Dong Bells £200jp, managed a jackpot on 2 cabs with no repeat. I think I’ll avoid my local for a month or 2 haha.
  5. My local arcade had this installed today as they’re a test venue for new games. It was loaded to the T8 cabs (real play) safe to say I got the jackpot and a repeat on all 4 terminals. The game play is quality!
  6. I’m a little baffled that the jackpot is only £250 for a £2 stake on this game, I know it can repeat to make the £500 which seems pointless if you cannot hit £500 in one spin.
  7. I’ve noticed that in Admiral arcades the premium play games have been rather generous (will it last) I hit some good wins with multipliers on RR POG (lucky wheel) last week, I also hit pots on both terminals 1 silver and 1 bronze. Around £40 in on each terminal so some good profit.
  8. Just over 2k in Mecca Bingo primarily moving from one T7 terminal to the other (around 15 terminals in total) playing various £70 and £100 jackpot community games. This was a good few years ago, I doubt I will ever see that kind of luck again....
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