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  1. trying to withdraw but they keep asking for documents now, will be sorted soon hopefully.
  2. So on Saturday I made a deposit of £100, and ended up with a cashout this big, if you know me from my streams you know that I stick to around 0.40p - 0.60p a spin, I ended up doing £5, £10 spins and it paid off (and a insane blackjack run) as a result I will be doing a £100 giveaway on stream this Saturday.
  3. 😂😂😂😂 you crack me up 🤣
  4. Having a go on BJ with £50 in middle £5 each side and bang 🔥
  5. Since I decided to take a break from gambling and streaming on Saturday because I lost quite a bit of money, I went to the farmers private lake and done some fishing, lovely day as well.
  6. i'll have one for you mate 🍺
  7. had 1 problem with dream vegas last night, went to log in and my account was locked for some random reason. Went into live chat and asked them why. They said they dont know and i had to contact them by email, so i just left it a few hours, tried to log in again and it worked. Very weird how they would lock my account then unlock it again. but other than that they have been amazing with quick withdrawals
  8. Very inspirational how i got my username. My second name is Millar and i play slots then bang MillarSlots , how wonderful ❤️
  9. Congrats to the viewer who won the £20 cash giveaway! He was danish which is why it was converted. Another £20 cash giveaway this Friday 🙂
  10. Hey everyone. I will be doing a £20 cash giveaway today on my twitch stream, i know its not a lot but i'm a low stakes streamer and i would just like to give something back as a thanks for the support 🙂 the stream starts at 6:00pm today UK time, and the winner will be chosen on stream at midnight tonight, thank you everyone ❤️ my twitch is: MillarSlots
  11. Nice one mate, that's good. BOOOOM! 🔥
  12. Haha, thanks for the advice man appreciate it 😂
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