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  1. I’ve had a text off buzz bingo that they are re opening on Wednesday 2nd December (I’m in tier 2) so will be having a punt on their terminals
  2. I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised !!
  3. Haha, the cocaine finally beat him in the end ⚪️
  4. Nice hit mate, haven’t played this yet.
  5. One of me mates just sent us this, £10 BB on fortune favours
  6. Well done Darren on 70k Subscribers. What an achievement 👏🏼 Time to get that 100k plaque now !!!
  7. Imagine if a premium symbol landed ☹️☹️
  8. cheers buddy, I've had a £1.2k win on 25p spins, my biggest ever x win
  9. I don't mate, I'm sticking to YouTube videos for now, but there's nothing to say I wont be doing live streams on YouTube in the near future 😉
  10. thanks mate, i think she's already writing her Christmas list. Haha 😄
  11. I'm only posting this on here because Darren said i could. (thanks darren) bonus hunt starts at 7:00 minutes in and if you want to skip straight to the big win then skip to 13:33 minutes in! thank you 🙂 bonnus
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