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  1. Now you just look like your spamming by adding a URL for a bingo site into my original post which I did not do. post duly reported
  2. Well done, and I don’t even subscribe (but I don’t substitute any channels (can’t be arsed with all those notifications)).
  3. Yeah embed the link but what fantastic result for 20p stakes!
  4. Yup and oddly enough they both use the same FOBT platform!
  5. Hi Eddie, cheers for the info. I know they’re not “rigged” in all honesty and I generally work on the assumption along with say online poker that the provider has far more to lose than gain from rigging games. Namely no one would play there anymore if such a provider was found to be cheating. Just look at what happened to Ultimate Bet when they were caught using card “seeing” software and bots on their poker site, they went bust overnight.
  6. Noticed in the press that whilst Hills shareholders are weeping into their Prosecco it appear Ladbrokes shareholders are raising a glass of bubbly at their profits.... I wonder if there’s a FOBT link here? I find the Hills offering very poor now and rarely play there along with the stupid slider roulette which is another reason I swerve them as this game is just a nonsense fir the most part. The games in Ladbrokes are in my opinion miles better, more interactive and hAve better scope. Anyone else think this or have any thoughts?
  7. That’s surreal, as it’s something you wouldn’t make up that’s just mental.... Sorry to hear you lost your dad at a young age.
  8. At sign up stage you can generally opt out of bonuses
  9. Aye it’s a strange one, and the cynic in me always smells a rat 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Oddly I was in a shop the other day and the machine itself kicked me out and gave a message “terminal blocked” and printed out my receipt. A little strange... Having said that I switched machines and won a couple of hundred so I wasn’t too upset
  11. Thing is, had it not been for the stake cap, I would have been smashing the roulette and i reckon a whole lot further behind. I know most slots are now random and I’ve had decent back to back wins and the reason for that was alluded to by Darren today, even after a jackpot I’ll play for 2 more shot just to see if it’s still “paying”. Likewise though I still have the old school mentality that if it pays jackpot and the next shots a dud I think it’s paid out and will be on the take now🤔.... So much do I’ll generally even switch machine🤣🤣🤣🤣. Not so with roulette though, I’d always think it could my numbers again, again, again and again and a hefty price could be paid.
  12. As a student I worked in the bingo! Claim to fame is I checked a winning ticket off for “the national”, bloke won around £105,000 and never even stuck £50 behind the bar to buy the staff a drink the miserable c**t! Its something I still do today, if I hit a big win in the bookies on the machinesI’ll leave the staff a small tip to get their dinner with or something, or whatever they like.
  13. Why don’t you just decline the bonus any site offers you?
  14. I agree with both responses but it’s what bookies do, appear to offer ‘tasty odds’ on something when in fact it’s nothing of the sort! The last really big mistake I think I saw layers make was to offer EVS on Altior to win the 2018 Champion Chase on the day of the race. That was a truly awful error as despite the lack of prep and an injury scare it was obvious to anyone who knows one end of a horse from the other that barring a fall he would on all known form demolish his rivals, which of course he did.... Kerching!
  15. No judgement here either, far from it in fact, I’ve done serious damage a couple of times and at times like the point of this thread I need to give myself a shake and realise I’m at risk of sliding down a slippery slope! Hence the break! I wish you all the best
  16. This little exercise has got me thinking back to the really bad old roulette days for me and if it’s that the £2 cap had made the difference or not? I don’t think it is really as when playing on mega/ultra mode you can tear through money almost as quickly anyway, spin every 2 seconds on auto say? That’s 30 spins a minute or £60 which in ten minutes is £600! So it got me thinking, what has changed? Why have I escaped with just a “flesh wound” this time? The thing I have got very good at is utilising my debit card to ‘bank’ a win, so a normal starting point for me will be a £300 cash withdrawal from the ATM, now let’s say within £100 I get a win of £300-£500, I will almost always stop playing and ‘cash out’ that win and have it refunded to my card and then play on with the remainder of the cash stake, get a good balance again and I’ll repeat this, keeping a decent stake to carry on. Rinse and repeat until I get beat 🤣. Of course it’s a double edged sword as if I go in with the £300 and get rinsed it’s highly likely that a sizeable deposit will be made from the card of anything from £300-£500 but it’s very rare for me to go beyond that even if I lose again as I do seem to have point where I’ll just give up. The thing is if I don’t bank the wins it’s likely I’ll just keep ploughing on in pursuit of more wins until it turns me over and I think I would be far more behind if it wasn’t for this “tactic”. Its purely anecdotal evidence of course but I do think there’s something in it.
  17. And that’s the point Blind, is people over extend themselves and there’s where problems begin and “the chase is on”... I know, I’ve been there and it generally only ends one way, badly! Good on you for playing within your own means, there’s times I definitely go too far.
  18. To put the above bet in perspective here’s the betfair exchange odds on the straight will we or won’t we leave two runner race... which is the better bet?
  19. I think it’s a nasty bet tho, if we leave with a deal you lose. Deal is still the government preferred option. theres three runners in that bet dont leave leave with deal leave with no deal they’re offering 1/1 on a 2/1 shot! And all three options are distinctly possible, on reflection it’s a terrible bet from a “value” perspective
  20. Cheers! Its important that ppl realise watching uploads of others who appear to be high rollers that there is another side to this, part of the reason I like your uploads is you show the losses as well. Some players who are heavy hitters sneer at those playing 25/50p stakes, I don’t as everyone should enjoy their sessions at a level they are comfortable with and kudos to those who do just that, go in with say the £30 they can afford and play it through on 25p stakes, have their entertainment and leave win or lose. My sessions at times are zero fun as there is no fun in watching pound after pound disappear down the rabbit hole for no game. Then again there’s a huge rush when you hit 5 jackpots in an afternoon as happened the other week! you’re right though Ultra play is high volatility roller coaster stuff and at times you need deep pockets to ride it out.
  21. As part of my “sabbatical” I announced I thought I’d do an actual analysis of my spending for the last two month where I know I have at times bee “out of control”, so I went through my bank transactions for the last 2 months (I can do this as I have any halfway decent win return to my card even if I didn’t deposit using it), I also know in my own mind that a withdrawal from an ATM over £100 is almost certainly for gambling. It’s not exact as there will be times I have also walked out with cash and used that money for something (i.e filling my car up and I bought some new golf clubs at one point). Anyway with the data at hand I’ve had a real eye opener and now know for a fact I need to “take a break”.... Ready for this...... Total amount of withdrawals/ transactions attributable to gambling in last 60 days = £16,410 🙈😮😬 Total amount of gambling returns in last 60 days = £15,305.... Total loss = £1,105 Highest point in front £981.20 Furthest behind deficit -£3839.80 😱😱😱 Now as I said I spent £400 on golf gear and filled the motor a couple of times so let’s call that £500 which reduced the deficit to -£605. The point is this, can I afford to lose £300 a month gambling, yes I can but the really galling part is I was prepared to go nearly £4K down at one point in pursuit of wins and that was totally reckless and irresponsible, I’m not a poor man but I can’t afford to risk £2k a month on average and that made my jaw drop I can tell you. The “headline” figure of £16k deposits in that time frame is also off the charts and tells me it’s time to step back and really ease off or it’ll end in disaster at some point. I like “high rolling” but there’s high rolling and there’s being a fucking idiot, recently I have become the latter and if I’m honest I’ve probably dodged a few bullets here and got away with a flesh wound.
  22. Going by current political upheavals I think option two is possible but leaving with no deal at Evs is an absolute stick on IF it was simply that we would leave before 1 November as the PM had made it pretty clear we’re leaving one way or the other BUT if you lose the bet if we leave with a deal it’s horrible value.
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