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  1. I’ve no been in either for about 8 weeks...
  2. Think @Mentholdan mentioned only using the “big names” earlier and this is something I agree with. I wouldn’t touch the likes of Dream Vegas with a ten foot barge pole. The big guns cough up rapid, in fact B365 have the money in your account within 2/3 hours these days. The whole processing/pending thing is an utter crock of **** and exists purely to encourage irresponsible gambling! Theres a reason there’s so many online casinos and they keep springing up, it’s because people start at the big names and end up self excluding and slowly they fall further and further down the list of casinos until they’re not just gambling on the games they’re gambling as to whether they get paid or not......
  3. I was going to agree with you here but you’ve cherry picked the part of the post that suits you. The poster actually said he deposited additional funds based on the fact that his withdrawal had been approved and “allegedly” sent so to my mind the poster was budgeting that the withdrawal would be received within the publicised timescale and he could responsibly afford it. The online casino has let him down which is the crux of the argument not that the poster was unable to pay bills. The poster should have waited until the funds had been received in my opinion and this was somewhat irresponsible but he was within his right to expect the online casino in question to pay out in their advertised timescale. Banning him for 5 years is extreme in this case when you take the whole story into consideration not just the bit you’ve chosen to quote and defend the casino.
  4. It’s why 95% of punters fail mate, not that you can’t pick winners, it’s that you lack the discipline to remove emotion from the equation when losing, you want that money back so chase it. A true pro punter removes emotion and sees it as a business transaction and if it goes pear shaped they move on to the next “opportunity” and maintain their balance.
  5. Stop it, your embarrassing yourself
  6. To ram the point home.... If I had £1m and played a single slot online at £1 per spin for 1m spins and collected every single win and the RTP was 95% it’s a near 99.9% chance I would end up with £950,000 at the end. Why? Because the element of luck and the element of standard deviation will have been removed over so many spins and the slot would return to its true rate of 95%. Other than winning a mega jackpot you simply can’t win over the long haul on slots, that is a statistical fact, you will lose.
  7. You do know how being an affiliate works? Basically the streamer as you say is advertising the site and they’ll have a handy link to said site for you to follow. The casino recognises the link came thru X streamer/influencer and they have an agreement with the casino that they collect a % of whatever the link follower who becomes a customer looses on the site.... maybe 1,5,10% I don’t know..... Think on that though, the affiliate gets a % of what you lose.... Therefore it’s in their interest for you to do your brains! sone US affiliates have been known to take in 6 figure sums in a month through this.... Now where do you think many affiliates are getting huge wedges of cash to play with? It’s the link following losers money they get to play with! some I think will just lose all their affiliate cash back to the casino over time which is ideal for the casino as they get free advertising from it. The affiliate either makes a few quid out of his turnover to make some sort of wage or gets to feed their addiction for free (maybe).... It’s the mug punter funding this merry go round and the ones left with Potentially broken bank balances and broken homes, the casino & affiliate couldn’t care less and the affiliate is most defo not your pal, he wants you to lose and lose big! Im not accusing all streamers of this and to be fair the way Darren plays and uses money management (most of the time) in his play indicates he probably isn’t reliant on affiliate cash.
  8. This is why I don’t playing online any more, you’re upset, you decide to gamble, you lose, you’re more upset, you gamble more..... well done on at least having a deposit limit in place and then timing out. I hope your father in law pulls through which I’m sure would be worth more than any amount of money.
  9. Shocking, no respect for the watchers 😂😂😂😂
  10. Are you suggesting that online casinos maybe “tweak” games when affiliates are playing so as to influence other poor souls into losing their money? you mean like bandit winning over £100k on a £6 stake which is a stake that a lot of people maybe think they can afford until they get rammed 100 spins in a row? Im afraid it doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s exactly what’s happening but more fool those who lap up these streams and then do their brains. Its not the streamers fault people watch then part with their cash, they don’t make you play. Is it a misrepresentation of the reality? Of course it is but if you’re sensible you realise this and either stay away or play for fun instead of chasing a pipe dream. I watch out of boredom but also realise that boredom could lead me to mega lose which is why I stopped playing slots or casino games online altogether.
  11. Well that’s the ball officially burst... All to close from tonight. On the plus side it may help some problem gamblers wean off. online vids for Darren for the foreseeable!
  12. All bookmakers, arcades and casinos are to close.
  13. The simple thing is the Betfair exchange doesn’t have to make a margin on the market like a bookmaker, the exchange makes its profit by charging commission on winning bets. This means that the market is much nearer to a 100% true market with no over round in for the bookies profit margin. That said once your bet is matched on the exchange you won’t be able to benefit from BPG that most bookies offer, much like betting at the track the price you get at the time of placing a bet is the price you will be paid at even if the selection drifts. Yes you can lay on the exchange but this is more specialist area and people need to remember you can lose more than the original stake by laying. Without trying to offend the OP I don’t really see what he’s getting at here? The exchange has been around for nearly 20y now and most regular punters have an account or at least understand the pros and cons of the exchange v the bookie?
  14. Shattered mate! A week full of highs, lows and stress! At the end we’ve come out the other side in the black and that’s what matters! Re-Match at Aintree? If it’s on!!!!!
  15. Ahhh shit, I meant to have wee tickle on it! Never mind, we’ll done!
  16. The great thing about those are that they are King in the North +£266.31 Mentholdan +£175.00 with three races left both of us Will have a 3 figure profit to £10 level stakes, we both know that is no easy thing to achieve at the festival!
  17. Cheers mate! Hard luck, cracking finish. Al Boum hit every fence until the 4th last then got into a rythm. Is that the only winning NAP of the week?
  18. No mate, home today. The horse actually paddles it’s way over the hurdle really well, just the back hoof catching on the front that’s like performing an emergency stop and sends Moore over the handlebars
  19. Flying machine mate, Allmankind is no mug and Goshen was miles better, that’s the game though, you know that. Champion Hurdle contender next year.
  20. Just to say for the avoidance of doubt Eldorado Allen is my 1st choice in the next.
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