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  1. It gives an extra spin for one time only, that’s why there is also a ringed 4 there. I also thought it opened the top, but I could be wrong. Because my top was open already I cannot verify that.
  2. Fruit loopz

    Vamp it up

    No pic unfortunately. But had the jackpot in coral yesterday on vamp it up with two witnesses. Three hearts lined up in the upper part then the reel expander wild hit and opened it up for the bonus. It just kept linking and linking adding £1 after £1 until it was adding a final £46 quid to the total for the last spin. It had filled all but 4 spaces on the screen. And the last hit never let it add all the £1 add ons because it hit jackpot. It was great to see from a slot that I never thought would show me that potential.
  3. another Slot I always thought was not much good is the game of shows. Got a small win and gambled for the middle feature the clock one and got it. It kept giving bad values then with about 2 seconds left hit the £500 WOW.
  4. Got a £250 on the star trail on the castle slot in coral, never thought that would ever pay. Then maybe few spins after the bonus for a few quid under £100.
  5. I got my first £500 jackpot on that yesterday. Upgraded to top symbol with 9 spins left, I figured at that point something had to be good.
  6. And the £10 was only free play, not even like I could pocket it.
  7. I’ve won the jackpot twice on it, both within two weeks of each other, only in betfred. Anyone else I know who done it won it in betfred.
  8. Played at cashino today on fortune of Ra, £2 spins few hundred in and three full size bonus symbols drop on the first three reels. It looked like it was going to jackpot with two girls lining up and the third just dropped down one, so a nice £120 win, it asked me if I wanted to collect the win and NO bonus happened despite three full size symbols. Witnessed by the guy sitting next to me. So I asked what is up with the machine to the attendant and he said they'd been updated. A guy checked the win history and admitted there should have been a bonus round, but offered me £10 free play, WTF! How many others will this happen to now, scamming bastards!!!
  9. It was the one with the green side bar, it has to land in it for the wheel to spin. It landed once in £150 and no number hit.
  10. Every site will reject you now, automatically. I registered too, enjoy.
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