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  1. It was the one with the green side bar, it has to land in it for the wheel to spin. It landed once in £150 and no number hit.
  2. Every site will reject you now, automatically. I registered too, enjoy.
  3. £150 through it for one losing spin. First and last time I play this. Bookies used to be full of roulette players. Be lucky if I see one now.
  4. I got two £500 jackpots on it within two weeks of each other on £2 stake. Before that it never paid anytime I played it.
  5. Played today in Betfred, wow how bad was that. £150 through roulette for one spin and a big fat zero, yes it was smallest bar, but come on. All the slots I swear have had the values lowered. And the slots that give a slow spin tease, how can it be a tease if you have three reels giving a slow spin and not one scatter is seen, deleted! Hope I see a closed sign on all the greedy swines doors.
  6. I'm not one of those. I'm a more do your bollox in kinda guy. With better thing to do that hover to pick up a few quid. I play for fun and profit if I'm lucky.
  7. The old compensated machines could be 'forced' I wonder if these can too? I'd say better than the random that they used to have.
  8. So I was in Betfred yesterday, and one of the slots I played there said it's compensated. Is this a new thing since the new rules came in? Because I'm now getting jackpots on slots that never did before. So far jackpot on fishing frenzy twice in two weeks albeit two different bookies. And yesterday on leaders of the free spins? Don't know if I've named that one right. But I was down a lot and thought I'd end with something fun and it paid the jackpot on the third spin of the one with the lingering and expanding wilds.
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